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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Too Close for Comfort?

Well, after waiting several weeks for all utilities to be installed, we can finally leave our home as a family and enjoy the many local attractions offered in Mendoza. For Dallin's sake (or maybe more for daddy's entertainment), we went to the local zoo located inside Parque San Martin.

The zoo is very organized with winding walkways that ascend into the hills. We were impressed with how clean the entire zoo really is, and despite the overwhelming odor of 200 red-butt baboons screaming in a cage, we were quite pleased.

However, safety precautions are much different here. Only a chain-linked fence separates you from the tigers and lions. Only a very low wall separates you from the bulls and bears. And as for the elephants... The gate door to the elephant habitat was open, and as Wade loves animals, and a good dare, he entered to take pictures. To his surprise, the African Elephant was very calm - he was able to pet her trunk (before she blew water in his face). We do not recall such adventures in Utah. Dallin enjoyed our little Argentine safari, although he seemed most intrigued by the stray cats roaming the premises (domesticated cats, not panthers).

Our journey continues...and even the ñandú seems surprised.

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WelcomeToMendoza.com said...

The gate door to the elephant habitat was open


Great pics as usual Wade - and nice blog! cheers Sean