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Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Imagine Argentina Website!

Yes, I know. Imagine Argentina has experienced several "renovations" since 2005. Well, I now present a new, sleeker design with a solid black background (click image).

Please visit our website to read more about:

-Southern Patagonia: El Calafate and Ushuaia
-Northern Argentina: Salta and Jujuy
-And Other Destinations...

With a larger network of expert guides and premium hotels extending from north to south,, we are confident that our handcrafted journeys will exceed your expectations. Please contact us this week!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Unique Artwork: A Must See!!!

I have been very eager to post these photos ever since our recent trip to Buenos Aires. Having provided translation services for FEN Hoteles since 2008, I have been privileged to stay at various FEN hotel properties at no cost (Esplendor/Dazzler). While in the nation's capital, I made a reservation at the Esplendor Buenos Aires Hotel. Why? Because I knew the artwork inside was exceptional! As custom projects provided by Mondongo Studios in Palermo, these pieces are beyond belief! As lovers of fine art - or peculiar art for that matter - we enjoyed this hotel to the fullest! And as for breakfast, well, you can see that Dallin had a great time in his pajamas!

So, enjoy the pictures...the icons...and above all else, the mediums! We will start with the popular Evita - or as Dallin yelled each time we entered the hotel, "Evaaa!"

Eva Perón - political figure and social icon

Medium: burnt toast, stale bread and resin

Ernesto Che Guevara - revolutionary figure

Medium: 44,000 bullets and resin

Diego Maradona - soccer superstar

Medium: solid gold chains wrapped around nails

Minguito - actor and comedian

Medium: scraps of fabric

Carlos Monson - professional boxer

Medium: broken shards of glass and resin

Atahualpa Yupanqui - singer and songwriter

Medium: colored yard

Carlos Gardel - father of tango

Medium: straight pins

Ernesto Sabato - novel writer

Medium: wood carvings

Maria Elena Walsh - children's author and songwriter

Medium: bits of clay

Jorge Luis Borges - famed author of national literature

Medium: assorted threads

Adrian "Dárgelo" Rodriguez - rock singer of Babasonicos

Medium: colored sequins on black velvet

Isabel "Coca" Sarly - vedette dancer

Medium: assorted cookies and resin

Astor Piazzola - famed tango composer

Medium: straight pins and black ink

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cataratas Iguazú

*click all panoramic images to enlarge*
Prior to departing Argentina, we made one final trip outside Mendoza and ventured into Buenos Aires and the northeastern province of Misiones. A region known for precious jewel mines and Jesuit ruins, the true landmark of Misiones is Iguazú National Park - home to the breathtaking natural wonder of 275 crashing cascades within a 3-mile area. As the largest falls in the world in terms of volume, Iguazú is also distinguished for the infinite butterflies that flutter through the billows of mist surrounding The Devil's Throat.

Iguazú - meaning "big water" in local Guaraní dialect - is shared between the international border of Argentina and Brazil. While the panoramic view from Brazil is spectacular, Argentina at least allows visitors to look into The Devil's Throat and be showered with rising mist. According to guides, "God made the waterfalls on Argentina's side. But he then sat down in Brazil to admire his work."

As the second-most requested destination in Argentina, the tourism industry has seen incredible growth in Puerto Iguazú (population 30,000). Several new hotel properties have been constructed in recent years - including the Amerian Iguazú. This resort-like establishment provided suite accommodations for Imagine Argentina. The view from the breakfast patio was incredible. The pools were magical...especially for an infant like Dallin. And hotel staff was more than helpful and warm throughout our much anticipated visit.

The dense rainforests and humid jungles of Misiones provide an impeccable glimpse of local wildlife roaming in their natural habitat: exotic birds, brilliant toucans, lizards, and the infamous coatie (a member of the racoon family notorious for stealing food from park visitors). Red dirt roads lead to observation decks and winding trails that traverse rivers and cliffs. From train rides to raft excursions, our trip was excellent! And above all else, we must express our gratitude to Vera - our dear friend and local guide.

For more information, please contact Imagine Argentina Travel.

One final note: The coaties are quite friendly towards children - as seen above - but it's just a trick to get closer to your food! As I was squatting down, one climbed onto my backpack, and before I could shake him off, another climbed into the diaper bag and pulled out a brand new bag of Lay's Potato Chips. Within seconds, the bag was destroyed by a dozen squealing little thieves!