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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Travel Slide Show #1 - Salvador Bahia

For the past several years, Tania and I have been blessed with a handful of opportunities to travel across Central & South America. While there are still several countries we have not yet visited inside Latin America, we still carry a great appreciation for the many diverse cultures and landscapes that define each nation.

With an active blog, and a vast library of random pictures, we decided to post a weekly slide-show based on various destinations. We most likely will run out of slide-shows and destinations in the next month or so, but we thought it was a good idea for the moment.

Below are some photographs taken during a business trip to Salvador (Bahia), Brazil during late 2007. Located along the northeast corner of Latin America's largest country, this colonial capital is most recognized for its true African heritage, especially depicted in both dance and cuisine. First discovered by Europeans in the early 16th century, Salvador quickly became a major sea port used in both the sugar industry and international slave trade. The city center, now a UNESCO heritage site, is distinguished by its infinite churches, art markets, and cobblestone streets lined with pastel-colored homes and businesses (all of which are stained with generations of humidity as produced by the Pacific Ocean).

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Ashley and Brett said...

When we went to visit Brett's parents in Brazil, I have to say my favorite things were the water... every beach was so different and just miles from each other! And the houses... I've never seen so many bright colors in one place, on a house!! Very fun, you don't see things like that in the states!! And I loved taking pictures under the telephone trees! Some were faces others where just interesting things! Everything is fun for me in a new place... I'm a girl who lived in the same town for 18 years and not venturing far!

Alejandro Gerling said...

My name is Alejandro from Buenos Aires, 31 years old and i would like to go to live some day to Mendoza with my girlfriend. I m tired of my work at HSBC, the chaos of Bs As and this kind of life. What do you do for living there? Is it easy to find a job in Mendoza? Im a photographer too and i was thinking to work of that.

The Alexanders said...

Alejandro -

I agree, Buenos Aires can be very hectic. Here, in Mendoza, the city is much more relaxed and the peaceful countryside is just a few minutes away.

I do different services for expats coming from North America mainly. Just like anywhere in Argentina, work is not very easy to find here. With hundreds of wineries, and several hotels (including two new 5-star properties), I would recommend looking into that industry to get started. Anything is possible!


iVegasFamily said...

Incredible photos. I found your blog today. It's great.