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Monday, November 3, 2008

just another day...for you and me...in Buenos Aires

So, I was back in Buenos Aires once again. Another long overnight bus ride...a quick overnight stay in the city...and a long trip back home.

While there, I had the privilege to share lunch with several members of our American Embassy - what wonderful people! On Friday (for Halloween), the Embassy was decorated with plenty of spiderwebs and ghouls so that American children (of government employees) could enjoy an old-fashioned haunted house and some afternoon trick-or-treating. In fact, some employees were wearing the traditional black and orange colors (with a few festive sweaters). It was nice to see traditions from home...despite the 90 degree weather!

So, as always, it is time to post pictures of another new destination inside Buenos Aires. This time, I spent a few hours inside the Japanese Gardens of Palermo. This is a very peaceful retreat despite the hustle and bustle of such a large metropolis. Enjoy the pictures...and a special treat at the end!

Right in front of the US Embassy is a beautiful open park. Many professional "dog walkers" come here in the afternoon. This man alone is in charge of 40 different dogs from owners across the city - French Bulldogs, Retrievers, Boxers, etc. As you can see, they are quite friendly and often chase down others inside the park to play catch. The most amazing part? None of the dogs had leashes!!!


Rono said...

Not only I really enjoy your blog, but I also recommend it on my own.
My story is pretty much the opposite of yours. I'm from Mendoza and I live in Minneapolis.
However, I'm going back home pretty soon (I'm going to live near the Japanese Garden because my wife and I decided to live in Buenos Aires - she was born there).
I truly enjoy all your posts because they remind me all the good things that my country has to offer.
Check out my blog. It's not so down-to-earth as yours, but it might entertain you for a while.

The Highland Hill's said...

thats really cool that none of the dogs had leashes...americans would freak out... :)

i'm glad you are still going strong...its so nice to see beautiful parks...especially now that winter is arriving here...

Me, the Mom said...

I found your beautiful blogsite through my daughter in law - Crochet Cami. I hope you don't mind if I follow along - my husband served his mission in Argentina in 1978. We both have a great fondness for South America, so I'm looking forward to more updates.


The Alexanders said...

Rono: Thanks for the comment. Bienvenido a nuestro blog. El tuyo esta muy bueno...muy divertido y variado.
We'll enjoy the asados, the empanadas and the mate for you,... until you get here.
Thanks again!