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Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Way to Survive the Heat...

For those of you that have spent a summer inside Argentina - during the hottest months between December and March - this is a good reminder of how hot the weather can be. And for those of you trying to imagine Argentina in the summer, use this post as a reference. It's just not right for beads of sweat to rise from every pore on your forearm.

With the rising temperatures, neighborhood kids will "unlawfully" turn on the local fire hydrants five or six times a day. It's an easy way to cool off before moving along. All you need is a friend (to be on the lookout for police) and a stick (to turn the underground valve)...and you've got a geyser!

Here's a video taken from the backyard of my parents' home...check it out:



Cami said...

oh my, I think I am grateful for the snow right about now. But then again, some warmer weather would be nice.

Esther said...

Unbelievable!! That's so funny!

satomblablabla said...

when you're hot, you want the cold, when you're cold, you want the hot. right now? i want argentine heat. bring it, baby!