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Friday, May 15, 2009

Unique Artwork: A Must See!!!

I have been very eager to post these photos ever since our recent trip to Buenos Aires. Having provided translation services for FEN Hoteles since 2008, I have been privileged to stay at various FEN hotel properties at no cost (Esplendor/Dazzler). While in the nation's capital, I made a reservation at the Esplendor Buenos Aires Hotel. Why? Because I knew the artwork inside was exceptional! As custom projects provided by Mondongo Studios in Palermo, these pieces are beyond belief! As lovers of fine art - or peculiar art for that matter - we enjoyed this hotel to the fullest! And as for breakfast, well, you can see that Dallin had a great time in his pajamas!

So, enjoy the pictures...the icons...and above all else, the mediums! We will start with the popular Evita - or as Dallin yelled each time we entered the hotel, "Evaaa!"

Eva Perón - political figure and social icon

Medium: burnt toast, stale bread and resin

Ernesto Che Guevara - revolutionary figure

Medium: 44,000 bullets and resin

Diego Maradona - soccer superstar

Medium: solid gold chains wrapped around nails

Minguito - actor and comedian

Medium: scraps of fabric

Carlos Monson - professional boxer

Medium: broken shards of glass and resin

Atahualpa Yupanqui - singer and songwriter

Medium: colored yard

Carlos Gardel - father of tango

Medium: straight pins

Ernesto Sabato - novel writer

Medium: wood carvings

Maria Elena Walsh - children's author and songwriter

Medium: bits of clay

Jorge Luis Borges - famed author of national literature

Medium: assorted threads

Adrian "Dárgelo" Rodriguez - rock singer of Babasonicos

Medium: colored sequins on black velvet

Isabel "Coca" Sarly - vedette dancer

Medium: assorted cookies and resin

Astor Piazzola - famed tango composer

Medium: straight pins and black ink


Us Craven's said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing-I am not sure if I would ever get a chance to see it for myself-unless we came and visited you! :)

The Highland Hill's said...

those were amazing...i can't believe the yarn one...it was such a clear picture...

Anonymous said...

Wow--really interesting. It seems that some of the media contained metaphors (like the cookies for the vedette) but others did not. I'll have to stop in to see this if we go through B.A.

I hope you are all doing well!

Jo's girl said...

that is soooooo incredible. I love what some people can do with creativity. dang! the skills!