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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Potrerillos: Blanco & Negro

So, I came across these images in our photo collection. While we might not ever post each photo taken abroad, we sure would like to! I think there are some photographs that simply capture a unique scene at a specific moment in time...an image and moment that might not ever be repeated. I seek landscapes and places...while Tania prefers people and faces.

This is Potrerillos, a quaint village in the Andean foothills just outside Mendoza...driving towards Chile. As the water level rose during the winter months of 2008, the barren trees appeared to float across the river's surface. Just an incredible sight...and the right moment for our NIKON d50 SLR camera.

I was once a dedicated artist, working in illustration and graphic design. While I no longer use pens and pencils, I find myself evolving into a digital camera artist. Basically, God paints the canvas before us...then we simply frame it with the click of a button. Easy enough, right? Such images are also available on our website: Imagine Argentina Travel.

Now, I'm no Ansel Adams...but I figure these shots are good enough for now.


satomblablabla said...

my favorites are the second and last pictures!

it's amazing what really good cameras can do! It makes taking pictures addicting! My husband keeps playing around with all kinds...buying and selling...it's a passionate hobby of his. anyway, i don't know what he has now, but our pics on my blog in may are from his canon 50D.

satomblablabla said...

oops, i meant june.

Jo's girl said...

I agree what gorgeous photos. I usually have to take 50 to get a decent 3. but nikon D50 is my baby. heaven knows my husband is jones'n for bigger and better but this bad boy makes an artist out of me. I wish I had a good eye for shots. although my inability doesn't stop me from appreciating great talent. I love your photography Wade you definitely have the "right touch" on that button.

Payne Family said...

Who takes these? You guys have a gift!! You have a gift. Truly. There is an accompanying feeling with each shot that and words can't do justice to that feeling, ya know? Even a title might taint it. Well done.