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Saturday, March 6, 2010

SAE Article: Wine, Parades, and Wine!

For those interested in living the experience of La Vendimia Wine Festival, feel free to read the following article at South American Explorer: Wine, Parades, and Wine

While just released this month (March 2010), I had written this piece 12 months ago when the wine festivities concluded in Mendoza. It is a brief narrative describing the overall experience for Tania and I (plus little Dallin in tow). From wine and fireworks to parades and pageants - this is La Vendimia at its best!

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The Highland Hill's said...

such talent to write!! amazing!

veronica roldan said...

Que linda foto!!! me emociona verla

Yo vivi 9 años en Mendoza hace mas de 10 años que no he vuelto.

Gracias por brindar tan bonitas fotos al mundo!!!