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Friday, January 4, 2013

PHOTO FRIDAY #1: A 'Super' New Year!

Well, it has been much too long since we last posted here on the Imagine Argentina blog. In fact, the last post (below) was written when Wade returned from Africa in the summer of 2011. A lot has been happening since that time. We find ourselves more and more occupied each week with kids, house projects, work duties, school studies, and a bit of worldwide travel. Nonetheless, it is time to start up the blog again...with a new design and larger images.

Each week, we intend to feature some of our best photographs from across the globe...and we'll start with this gem (taken right here at home). For the first installment of "Photo FRIDAY" in 2013, we selected this image of our son...our own little super hero. With a little chalk, an open parking lot, and a flair of imagination, our son soon found himself soaring above a make-believe cityscape (an illusion made possible thanks to an 8-foot ladder). He was quite the convincing actor as he stretched across the pavement with a smile on his face!

We wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our followers and amigos. Now go make 2013 a year of your own super hero achievements and adventures! Next week, we'll continue 'soaring' to a new location somewhere in the world :)

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