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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Enanitos Verdes: EN VIVO!

To celebrate Tania's birthday early, I purchased tickets to see Los Enanitos Verdes here in Mendoza. As native mendocinos, the group was coming home to perform at Bustelo Auditorium - just a few blocks from our home. Despite Marciano's apparent new look (reminiscent of Jerry Garcia), the band put on an incredible show until 12:30AM last Friday, September 12th. We only recorded a few clips with our camcorder.

Suddenly, during the third song, a frantic red laser beam started jumping around my head. Security must have seen the camcorder, and thinking I would sell bootleg copies of the tape all over town, they made me turn it off (which you will see near the end). Irony: street vendors were selling pirate music of the band just outside in the hallway.

The concert was amazing. Felipe must have changed his guitar at least 12 times during the show - including a neon green "glow in the dark" guitar for Tu Cárcel. Marciano would make a different toast between each song, and even invited a bunch of young girls on stage to sing Luz de Dia with the band. My favorite highlight was watching teenagers and their aging parents jumping up and down together with their illuminated cell phones during Guitarra Blanca.

Anyway, here's a short video highlighting one of Argentina's great rock bands - music for all ages.


The Highland Hill's said...

wow...i can't believe you were face to face w/ the law and won... :)

I'm sure it was just a sniper that was trying to take out someone right next to you...and your camcorder just kept getting in the way...

I'm glad you survived...Happy Birthday Tania...not really sure when it is? :)

Hows the weather getting? I'm in Canada right now and it seems to be under 0 degrees...its freezing...

Cami said...

Hey, happy birthday! I hope you have a great time.

satomblablabla said...

yeah, i remember you're birthday is in september... 20-something right? maybe even today? well, i hope it's a grand ol' time and you enjoy being 30 years old!! WOW! You're officially an old woman. hee hee. and i'm just a few months behind you till it's my turn! I can't believe 30 is here. Such a weird thing to think about.