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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tele - $%*@

So, as many have noticed, we have not posted anything new this week. We apologize to our devoted readers and friends - all five of you :)

Basically, we lost our internet service at home this past Wednesday morning - no explanation, no reason. Despite numerous calls to different "customer service" numbers, Telefonica will not assist us for at least 96 hours - this is their company policy.

You do not have much of a choice when the company you have basically runs a monopoly across the nation. So, as with many of our friends, we just sit and wait.

For now, we have the joy of using public cyber cafes in the city.



Esther said...

Wow, and I though having to wait 6 hours was bad. That stinks!

Anonymous said...

And if our socialist candidate gets elected, we'll have the same type of problems with our health care, utilities, and everything else. Hope you're back online soon!

satomblablabla said...

how utterly asinine.

The Alexanders said...

126 hours and counting....still no assistance.

And yes, we have called multiple times a day - each day - and we are told to keep waiting.

patience, patience, patience...

The Alexanders said...

152 hours and still counting...we are now told that the waiting period for assistance could be 7 business days. No one has stopped by - no one has called. But we have called every single day.

Still no explanation. Just, "Asi es, Señor."

I need a weapon :)

satomblablabla said...

Dude, maybe a letter to the CEO? I don't know about argie land, but I know in the u.s. you can take action like that... maybe you can but it won't make any difference?

Orrr bust in with your A-K 4, demand service and simply say, or I'll show YOU how it is. heehee

The Alexanders said...

At just over 169 hours, our internet returned. In fact, I was reading at my desk when the green DSL light suddenly started blinking on our modem. After seven full days + one hour, our internet has returned.

During that waiting period, we never received a phone call, a visit, nor an update from Telefonica. But each time we called, we heard the same old, "You just have to wait, señor."

No, this is not a rare exception. Telefonica is notorious for running a telecommunication monopoly with zero customer service. Fellow expats have endured the same problems and worse. Locals take it one step further and show up at the downtown office, standing in a line three blocks long each morning just to file a complaint. But the result is the same each time - nothing.

I'm with you, Jessica - back home I would have contacted regional supervisors, etc by the second day. Here, it is a completely different game.

So, what about the small up-and-coming competitors? Well, I called one internet provider yesterday for estimates on 1MB.

Installation: U$100

Monthly Payment: U$100

Waiting Period Between Request and Installation: approx 20 days

Ignorance: Priceless

satomblablabla said...

LOL! That last comment by wade or tania was awesome. love it.

The Highland Hill's said...

ah the joys of a 3rd world country and large companies who own them...

you should look into hughes net...its satellite internet? it might be an option...i think you can get it anywhere in the world...a little pricy but it might be worth it if you're trying to run your online business...

if you got hughes net then you could run lines to all your neighbors and charge them a little of the monthly costs...you could get your internet free...while they have great internet... just a thought... :)