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Friday, April 10, 2009

Mercado Central: Open to the Public

Welcome to the Central Market of Mendoza. You will find such public markets in every major city across Argentina...and South America. Here, you will discover a brilliant variety of colors and smells...some more pleasant than others. Grocery stores provide the basic cooking ingredients, while these public markets offer aisle upon aisle of multiple spices and condiments: whole cloves, licorice root, and at least 60 variations of aji (chili powder). Fresh fish and clams arrive from Chile each morning, packed in ice-filled wooden crates that are later stacked behind the counter. Hundreds of dried fruits and nuts are available for clients, often perplexing the amateur shopper...and resident gringo. Stacks of fresh produce allure clients for their low prices, while piles of cow brain and chicken feet are displayed in the next booth. Head over to the meat stand and pick out a favorite cow tongue, or a scoop of moist kidneys. Looking for some sirloin or other special cut? Feel free to ask the neighborhood butcher, but be sure to speak up over the loud buzzing of the electric bone saw cutting through ribs. Your product will be delivered with a smile...but without gloves. Man, I love this place.


satomblablabla said...

I love these posts... you guys do such a great job at enticing us U.S. folk or any other folk, for that matter, to jump on a plane to eat, sleep, and drink in argentina!

I seriously feel like your blog is good therapy for me when I feel like that lost latin side of me needs some talking to and some relating to. Or when I just need to feel closer to my beloved second-homeland!...so I thank you!

The Highland Hill's said...

ah the beautiful animals...you didn't show any live chickens in pins or goats tied up to trucks? :)

hey did you get my email about the alpargatas? i think we should run w/ it...email me :)

Mindy and Larry said...

What gorgeous photos! Are you creating a travel brochure, or better yet, are you guys organizing tours for foreigners who visit Mendoza?
Sure love and miss you guys!
-The Foxes