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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wade Did It Again!

Let me brag about my husband...

If you follow our blog, you will remember reason #17 of why I love Wade: he is a great writer.

On Friday, February 13th, Wade was finishing one heck of a week. Sitting at the computer as he tried to leave everything in order before the weekend, he was faced with multiple chat windows, email messages, a screaming child, and a wife trying to push him out the door. Wade and Lucho had planned an overnight bike ride to Rio Mendoza...and even Lucho was waiting in our living room for Wade to finish up. So, what was the real hold-up?

Just three days prior, Wade learned of the Transitions Abroad International Expat Writing Contest. The magazine - now converted into a full webzine - focuses on the international appeal for students, professionals, and tourists to travel the world. The contest had been going on for more than 11 months...so Wade decided to submit an article before the deadline: Saturday, February 14. Can we say procrastination?

Being Wade, he sat down to share his insights and experiences in a 1500-word essay before the start of the weekend. Why now? As he said, "Just to challenge myself...and prove I can do it!"

Well...he did it. He finished the article, hit submit, grabbed his bag, jumped on his bike, and left for the weekend. I must be honest - I thought he was just adding one more thing to do on his list...one more unnecessary stress in his life.

Well, more than 2 weeks later, while we were visiting Bariloche, he received an email...and returned to our hotel room with a huge smile on his face - one I don't see too often (let's be honest - Argentina is having a crisis since we moved here...and some days could really use some good news). His article "I Always Knew I Would Return" was selected as a 3rd place winner! This is the second article he has published with Transitions Abroad (the first in 2006), but this one is much sweeter!

I'm proud of our little Wade. Not only do I recognize his talents...but others do, as well! So...here you go: http://www.transitionsabroad.com/listings/living/articles/living-and-working-in-argentina.shtml


Van Ry Clan of Layton Ave said...

Congrats that is cool, some people do their best work when they procrastinate

Anonymous said...

Wow Wade--Mira Vos!

I enjoyed reading your article. I didn't know you are from northern Virginia. I did my grad work at GMU.


Ryan Goulding Adventures said...


I loved the article. It made me think of my time as a missionary in Mendoza. The contrast between wealth and poverty were pervasive back in 1992-1994, as well.

Congratulations on the recognition. It is well deserved. My goal is to hire you for vacation planning for my family in the next few years.


Esther said...

Wow, that's neat! Congratulations!

Us Craven's said...

Very Cool! You guys are doing great!

The Cornish Family said...

Great Job! Loved the article. :-)

Cami said...

Congrats! That is really great!

Sarina Thomas said...

Hey! Congratulations! That is really exciting. It has been awhile since I have returned to you blog but I was once again, very impressed. I hope all is well with you both there in Argentina. I miss it!