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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wine & Tango in the News!

In January of 1888, the National Geographic Society was formed in Washington DC. Ever since, National Geographic has become a standard in journalistic excellence when promoting cultural wonders and geographic marvels. This month, NG Traveler has named Mendoza as one of its 50 Places of a Lifetime! In celebration of fine wine, luxurious wineries, staggering mountains, high-end cuisine, and deluxe hotels, National Geographic has selected Mendoza as one of just 5 such sites in South America.

As of September 2009, tango will now be considered an essential element of the world's cultural heritage. Following approval from the United Nations, this provocative dance of southern South America has earned the official UNESCO seal of approval. While the birthplace of tango is still disputed between Argentina and Uruguay - in part due to the undetermined birthplace of legend Carlos Gardel - both nations came together last month in a mutual sentiment of gratitude and excitement. Now popular with mainstream television audiences, el tango has flourished in both Buenos Aires and Montevideo since the late 1800s...fusing bodies across milonga dance floors through sensual movements and sultry music. Travelers can witness this dance for themselves while strolling the Florida Street shopping district or perusing the famous cobblestone corners of El Caminito.


satomblablabla said...

Go Mendoza, woo hoo!

jess said...

Tania!! Oh my goodness... what a small world. I was dying when I read your comment on my blog. Crazy. You are in Utah now? So are we actually - my husband is back in school at BYU, so we are in Orem for a while. Wow. How is your family? I hope everyone is well. Manadales saludos! Besos! And thanks for the compliments:)